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Beatriz Martinez Trillo

Teaching Technician

  • Providing excellent technical services to the lecturers and students before, during and after classes. This involves setting up of classes, assisting students during class on procedures and the proper use of equipment used in the class, and ensuring that all materials are properly stored away and classrooms are ready for the next practical. 
  • Ensuring that the teaching rooms and apparatus are kept clean and tidy at all times and providing general assistance with practical needs. 
  • Preparing any necessary solutions required for the class and ensure that adequate levels are maintained. 
  • Ensuring that all equipment cupboards are cleaned and restocked with the necessary apparatus. 
  • Handling the operation of the teaching laboratory equipment and apparatus and assisting students with the location and use of equipment and apparatus. 
  • Maintaining equipment, including washing, sterilisation and disposal, perform quality checks and contributing to the general cleanliness and upkeep of the teaching laboratory space. 
  • Working closely with lecturers and colleagues, assisting in the development of new classes. 
  • Providing assistance with preparation of risk assessments/COSHH forms for new classes or updating current ones. 
  • Ensuring that all waste is disposed of in a safe manner according to Government and University Policy. 
  • Learning and demonstrating research techniques including histology, tissue/ cell culture, molecular biology, ultracentrifugation, amongst others, with the aim of assisting in the operation of small research facilities offering a service to research groups.