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Research groups


Antara Majumdar

DPhil Student in Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

  • Cortex Club Graduate Fresher's Rep

Antara is a 1st year neuroscience DPhil student supervised by Dr. Armin Lak and Dr. Simon Butt. She graduated from the University at Buffalo in 2017 where she completed a BSc with Honors in Biomedical Sciences and completed an Honors thesis that involved analyzing the effects of chronic stress on non-auditory regions such as the hippocampus. Following her undergraduate years, Antara joined the lab of Dr. Jessica Cardin at Yale University as a Postgraduate Research Associate to study the role that interneurons play in visual cortical circuit function and development.

Now, Antara has started her PhD journey in the lab of Dr. Armin Lak and is studying the role of prefrontal cortical circuits in risky decision-making. Her first DPhil project will involve using high-count Neuropixel probes to record the activity of frontal cortical neurons during risky decision-making. This region of the brain is interesting because there is extensive literature connecting the prefrontal cortex to relatively complex decision-making behavior. Antara is learning techniques such as electrophysiological recordings along with optimizing behavioral paradigms to study these neurons in the prefrontal cortex in an unique manner. 

Outside of the lab Antara enjoys dancing, street photography and travelling. Having grown up in Queens, New York, she remains on the quest to find a good bagel and pizza shop during her time at Oxford.  

Antara is also excited to be part of the Cortex Club committee during this unique year and is hoping to make it an enriching and inclusive one for all.