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Andrada-Maria Marica

DPhil Student

Andrada did her undergraduate studies at UCL where she specialized in Neuroscience and Psychology with Maths and Stats. During her studies, she was a summer intern in the Carandini and Harris lab at UCL where she worked on tracking body movements using DeepLabCut and correlating this to neural activity. She then continued in the same lab as a Master’s student, where she investigated the activity of the prefrontal cortex in the context of learning a visuomotor task using widefield imaging. In her Master’s year she was also a SCGB undergraduate fellow in the Sahani lab at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience unit. Here she worked on building a convolutional neural network model of the mouse visual system. She then worked in the Peters lab as a Research Assistant and is now a DPhil student in the Peters and Costa labs using imaging, electrophysiology and modelling to investigate the activity of the cortex and basal ganglia across learning.