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  • Departmental Communications and Public Engagement Staff - Please contact the DPAG Academic Lead for Public Engagement, Shankar Srinivas, if you require any help with or advice on setting up a public engagement activity or would like to investigate securing funding for your activity. Do not hesitate to contact Talitha Smith, DPAG's Communications Officer, with details of your involvement in any public engagement activity so that it can be promoted in the news. 
  • Divisional Public Engagement Coordinator - Contact the Divisional lead on public engagement, Brian Mackenwells.
  • Departmental Communications and Public Engagement Staff - Contact details for relevant staff based within MSD departments.


  • MSD Public Engagement Materials Suite - The Division have recently produced a suite of materials to support public engagement, including banners and t shirts, which can be used at all kinds of events, such as science fairs or workshops. Most of the materials can be borrowed from the Medical Sciences Divisional Office in the JR, but DPAG have also been allocated 10 t-shirts available for use at public engagement events. Please contact Talitha Smith if you would like to borrow t-shirts. 
  • Public Engagement with Research (PER) Portal - Information on public engagement from the University of Oxford.
  • PER Digest - Register for the Public Engagement with Research Digest, a monthly newsletter published by the University's PE Coordinator and intended for staff within the University for which public engagement is a key part of their role. If you would like to receive the digest, please email Luke Caunt.
  • Oxford Sparks - A portal for schools and the public to engage with the wealth of exciting research taking place across the University. Contact Dr Michaela Livingstone-Banks for more information.
  • National Co-Ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) - Further resources for public engagement activity.
  • NCCPE Online Engagement guide - NCCPE has crowd-sourced ideas and created a guide to running meaningful online engagement events and meetings. Download the guide.
  • Knowledge Exchange Concordateight principles for institutions to follow for effective knowledge exchange – including engagement with the public and communities.


  • Training for the Medical Sciences Division - information about PER courses run specifically for MSD and MPLS researchers.
  • University Public Engagement training - Other Public Engagement with Research courses within the University.
  • Oxford PER Conference videos - videos from the University's inaugural Public Engagement with Research Conference including the closing plenary led with UKRI and Research England.
  • NCCPE: Public Engagement Professionals (PEP) Network - The PEP Network aims to support members to access CPD, peer support and the latest thinking on engagement. Find out more here.
  • NCCPE / STFC Wonder Match - Wonder Match is the perfect opportunity for community organisations and researchers to meet together and develop ideas for engagement activities. Based on a highly effective approach, Wonder Match is a series of partnership-building events designed to support community organisations and researchers to work together to encourage diverse audiences to engage with science.

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