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Wellcome to the Srinivas Group Public Engagement web page on developmental biology!  

 passionate about engaging public with wonders of developmental biology


2021 Jan - present - Shaping Destiny, a multi-disciplinary dance-science public engagement project funded by the Wellcome-Oxford devolved Public Engagement with Research Scheme. A cross divisional collaboration with Wes Williams (the Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities), with external partners Sophie Stanley (the Parasol Project), Emma Jane Grieg (Body Politic Dance), Alexander Whitley (Alexander Whitley Dance Company), Kostas Pataridis (Andromeda Software Development), Amy Hong,  Gary Tanner (Man in a Hat Production), and Philippa Sims (Oxford Brookes University). 

2021 Oct - IF Oxford Online -Dynamic Origin documentary premiere and a panel discussion, A Closer look at us (a virtual talk by Shankar)

2021 Jun -Convergent Pulses was picked up by the British Science Association's community engagement programmes report

2020 Oct - IF Oxford - Convergent Pulses premiere with a panel discussion, see how the animation was rendered here (scroll down).

2020 Aug -Oct - Converging Pulses, a digital dance project. Contributed science materials to inspire choreography of the dancers at the Parasol Project and digital art by Alexander Whitley.

2020 Jan - 2021 Aug - Dynamic Origin, a dance-science public engagement project funded by the Wellcome-Oxford devolved Public Engagement with Research Scheme.

2019 Jun - UK Aspiring Healthcare Professionals Conference 2019, Millenium Point, Birmingham.  1200 students (13-18 yrs old) attedned this conference to explore professional careers in healthcare and STEM.  DPhll student Holly Hathrell engaged the students with machine learning and neural network, a core of her doctoral thesis project, and heart and embryo development.

2019 Mar - Festival of Natural History, Art, Classics and More, A large community event celebrating Rumble Museum at the Cheney School.  We brought virtual reality to the event.  It was open to public, with a high attendence by Cheney School students and local primary school educators, students and their parents, eg but not limited to: Larkrise, Saints Mary and John, and East Oxford Primary Schools.   Read more about this event in the DPAG News and the Rumble Museum blog

2018 Oct -  IF Oxford Science + Ideas Festivalat the Weston Library, University of Oxford, Shankar Srinivas was a living book to converse with public who "borrowed" him from the living book shelf. 

2018 Oct - Ideas Festival at the Weston Library, University of Oxford, Embryos in virtual reality.

2018 Dec - Beyond Boundaries Art Competition - Tomoko was invited as a guest judge for the science inspired art competition organised by Mathematical Physical and Life Sciences Division's equality team. The art works were displayed in the Oxford University Natural History Museum.

2017 November - One day outreach session on human heart and embryos at Nature School, Timbaktu Collective, Chennekothapalli Village, Andhra Pradesh, India, 40 residential students aged 5-10.

2016 August - One day outreach session on developmental biology and career in scientific research at Auroville, Udavi School STEM Land, Tamil Nadu, India, ~20 students aged 15-17.


Mice, Fish, Chicks and Me!

We collaborated with Micron, a Wellcome Trust funded Advanced Imaging Unit in Oxford, and the Mommersteeg group to bring a taste of cutting edge research to the public of all ages and backgrounds using a variety of approaches, from sticker sheets to virtual reality.

2018 Oct -  IF Oxford Science + Ideas Festival (formerly known as Oxfordshire Science Festival), Oxford Town Hall - Mice, Fish, Chicks and Me!

2017 June - Oxfordshire Science Festival, Oxford Town Hall - Mice, Fish, Chicks and Me!

2017 Feb - Iris Festival of Ancient and Modern SciencesMice, Fish, Chicks and Me!  Cheney School, Oxford

2016 June - Oxfordshire Science Festival, Mice, Fish, Chicks and Me! Oxford Town Hall


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“Thank you so much to you and your team for your wonderful stall. There was a constant buzz around it.” Dr. Lorna Robinson, organiser, Iris Festival of Ancient and Modern Sciences 

“I love how you modelled hearts in Minecraft “ A young participant,  2017 OSF

“Fascinating area of research” An adult participant, 2017 OSF


Photo Gallery 

Supporting the community

 We support public engagement activities by others by offering members of University of Oxford the free use our PE kits.

If you wish to borrow our materials, please contact Tomoko Watanabe (  A catalogue of our kits is available here



Others who have used our materials:

2017 July – Metta Pratt (Pathology) at The Torch Summer School, “The audience was particularly impressed with being able to take apart the hearts and look inside them.”

2017 June – Dr Caroline Bergman (Vet Services) at BHF Funding day at the New College School, Oxford, “Excellent feedback, children loved it” 

2017 May – Cristina Villa (DPAG) at Canada British Science Week at Instituto Espanol Vicente Canada Blanch, London “The participants were 16-year old students and they enjoyed the embryos the most, particularly zebrafish, since it had a heartbeat. They also found the similarities between embryonic development fascinating” 

2016 November- Metta Pratt (Pathology) at Oxford University Museum of Natural History’s Super Science Saturday



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We use Zeiss Microscopes