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ieDr G Blake 1990-91 us Dr M Mielke 1996-00 gb Dr J Hyam 2009-11
gbDr S Leitch 1991-94 nzDr M Nash 1996-02 gbDr S Basnayake 2009-12
gbDr J Reid 1992-95 caDr R Mohan 1998-02 ruDr N Nikforova 2009-14
ieDr M O'Neill 1992-95 gbDr N Herring 1998-01 twDr C Lu 2010-15
ieDr D Ryan 1993-94 nzDr C Bradley 1999-09 gbDr R Burton 2012-15
deDr G Heinert 1994-97 gbDr E Danson 1999-09 gbDr M Kalla 2012-16
gbDr C Sears 1994-98 gbDr S Almond 2000-01 brMs C Juarez Molina 2013-14
gbDr S Golding 1994-05 gbDr D Heaton 2001-05

Norway 4.pngDr H Larsen 2012-16

gb Ms V Harris 1994-07 gb Ms L Everatt 2003 gbDr J Shanks 2009-16
gbMr C Hirst 1994-07 usDr M Lokale 2003-05

iceland Dr Y Sverrisdottir 2010-16

usDr A Varghese 1995-97 cnDr L Wang 2003-08 caDr G Bub 2012-16
plDr P Musialek 1995-99 nzDr T Dawson 2003-09 cn.png Dr Guoliang Hao 2015 - 18
auDr J Choate 1995-00 sgDr C Wan Lee 2005-10 nz.png Dr Emma Bardsley 2015 - 19
ieDr N Hogan 1996-98 gbMr A Green, FRCS 2007-14 gb.pngDr Harvey Davis 2017 - 21
gbDr J Thornton 1996-99 cnDr T Tao 2008-11 gb.pngDr Oliver Neely 2018-22