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Within Oxford University:

  • Dr Peter Oliver (Physiology Anatomy and Genetics) on mouse models of neurological disease
  • Prof Steve Davies and Dr Angela Russell (Department of Chemistry) on compound screening
  • Dr Kieran Clarke (Physiology Anatomy and Genetics) on cardiac function in skeletal muscle mutantS
  • Prof David Bannerman (Experimental Psychology) on molecular basis of behaviour
  • Dr Kevin Talbot (Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics/Clinical Neurology) on motor neuron disease
  • Prof Russell Foster (Department of Opthalmology) on circadian analysis of synaptic mouse mutants
  • Prof Steve Davies and Professor Angela Russell (Department of Chemistry) on medicinal chemistry and mechanisms of action of drugs


  • Prof Steve Brown (MRC Mammalian Genetics Unit, Harwell, Oxon) on mouse neurological mutants
  • Dr Francesco Muntoni (Hammersmith Hospital, London) on muscular dystrophy