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Distributional coding of associative learning in discrete populations of midbrain dopamine neurons

Journal article

Avvisati R. et al, (2024), Cell Reports, 43, 114080 - 114080

CRISPRi: a way to integrate iPSC-derived neuronal models

Journal article

Franks SNJ. et al, (2024), Biochemical Society Transactions

Carnosine facilitates lysosomal release of inhibitors of T cell surveillance.

Journal article

Swietach P. et al, (2024), Cell Metab, 36, 461 - 462

Deficiency of factor-inhibiting HIF creates a tumor-promoting immune microenvironment.

Journal article

Ma J. et al, (2024), Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 121

Mitochondrial origins of the pressure to sleep


Sarnataro R. et al, (2024)

TRPC3 signalling contributes to the biogenesis of extracellular vesicles

Journal article

BECKER E., (2024), Journal of Extracellular Biology

Tau depletion in human neurons mitigates Aβ-driven toxicity.

Journal article

Ng B. et al, (2024), Mol Psychiatry

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