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Carnosine facilitates lysosomal release of inhibitors of T cell surveillance.

Journal article

Swietach P. et al, (2024), Cell Metab, 36, 461 - 462

How protons pave the way to aggressive cancers

Journal article

SWIETACH P. et al, (2023), Nature Reviews Cancer

Permeability and driving force: why is difficult to control glycolytic flux by blocking lactate transporters?

Journal article

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Studying a propionic acidaemia mouse model reveals epigenetic mechanisms in the heart

Journal article

Swietach P. and Park KC., (2023), NATURE CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH, 2, 1125 - 1126

Proton export upregulates aerobic glycolysis

Journal article

Russell S. et al, (2022), BMC Biology, 20

Channelling protons out of the heart.

Journal article

Swietach P. and Despa S., (2022), J Physiol

Lipogenesis mediated by OGR1 regulates metabolic adaptation to acid stress in cancer cells via autophagy

Journal article

Pillai S. et al, (2022), Cell Reports, 39, 110796 - 110796

Optimal thinning of MCMC output

Journal article

SWIETACH P., (2022), Journal- Royal Statistical Society Series B

Alkaline nucleoplasm facilitates contractile gene expression in the mammalian heart.

Journal article

Hulikova A. et al, (2022), Basic Res Cardiol, 117

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