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Cost-effective real-time metabolic profiling of cancer cell lines for plate-based assays

Journal article

Blaszczak W. et al, (2021), Chemosensors, 9

Sulphamate Derivatives of Maslinic Acid as a Therapeutic Option for human Breast Cancer

Conference paper

Petrenko M. et al, (2021), STRAHLENTHERAPIE UND ONKOLOGIE, 197, S131 - S132

SGLT2 inhibitors and the cardiac Na+/H+ exchanger-1: the plot thickens.

Journal article

Chung YJ. et al, (2021), Cardiovasc Res

Nitric oxide modulates cardiomyocyte pH control through a biphasic effect on sodium/hydrogen exchanger-1.

Journal article

Richards MA. et al, (2020), Cardiovasc Res, 116, 1958 - 1971

Detection of Intravascular Hemolysis in Newborn Infants Using Urinary Carbonic Anhydrase I Immunoreactivity.

Journal article

Hulikova A. et al, (2020), J Appl Lab Med, 5, 921 - 934

Single-cell O2 exchange imaging shows that cytoplasmic diffusion is a dominant barrier to efficient gas transport in red blood cells.

Journal article

Richardson SL. et al, (2020), Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 117, 10067 - 10078

Cardiac Complications of Propionic and Other Inherited Organic Acidemias.

Journal article

Park KC. et al, (2020), Front Cardiovasc Med, 7

Cardiomyocyte Na+/H+ Exchanger-1 Activity Is Reduced in Hypoxia.

Journal article

Kandilci HB. et al, (2020), Front Cardiovasc Med, 7

What is pH regulation, and why do cancer cells need it?

Journal article

Swietach P., (2019), Cancer Metastasis Rev, 38, 5 - 15

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