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Epicardioids: a novel tool for cardiac regeneration research?

Journal article

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Transcriptional regulators of arterial and venous identity in the developing mammalian embryo

Journal article

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Control of coronary vascular cell fate in development and regeneration.

Journal article

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Apj+ Vessels Drive Tumor Growth and Represent a Tractable Therapeutic Target.

Journal article

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Alkaline nucleoplasm facilitates contractile gene expression in the mammalian heart.

Journal article

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Context Dependent Sulf1/Sulf2 Functional Divergence in Endothelial Cell Activity

Journal article

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Alkaline nucleoplasm facilitates contractile gene expressionin the mammalian heart

Conference paper

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SRSF3 is a key regulator of epicardial formation


Lupu I-E. et al, (2021)

Genetic Enhancement of Epicardial Paracrine Signalling for Cardiac Regeneration

Conference paper

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Analysis of epicardial genes in embryonic mouse hearts with flow cytometry

Journal article

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Immunomodulation for optimal cardiac regeneration: insights from comparative analyses.

Journal article

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