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Water gated contrast switching with polymer-silica hybrid nanoparticles.

Journal article

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Hyperpolarized [1,4-13C2]Fumarate Enables Magnetic Resonance-Based Imaging of Myocardial Necrosis.

Journal article

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Journal article

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Journal article

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Noninvasive Immunometabolic Cardiac Inflammation Imaging Using Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance.

Journal article

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Susceptibility-induced distortion correction in hyperpolarized echo planar imaging.

Journal article

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Weighted averaging in spectroscopic studies improves statistical power.

Journal article

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Myocyte metabolic imaging with hyperpolarised MRI


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Journal article

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On the Metabolism of Exogenous Ketones in Humans.

Journal article

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Fast Padé Transform Accelerated CSI for Hyperpolarized MRS.

Journal article

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