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Characterisation of a mural cell network in the murine pituitary gland.

Journal article

O'Hara L. et al, (2020), J Neuroendocrinol, 32

Circadian clock mechanism driving mammalian photoperiodism.

Journal article

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Reimagining the hibernating brain: Hypothalamic remodeling in an arctic hibernator

Conference paper

Chmura HE. et al, (2020), INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY, 60, E37 - E37

Ultrastructural Changes of Reproductive Neuroendocrine and Endocrine Responding Cells Associated with Circannual Timing in a Hibernating Mammal

Conference paper

Duncan CM. et al, (2020), INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY, 60, E61 - E61

The Role of NAADP-Mediated Endo-Lysosomal Calcium Release in the Cardiac Atria

Conference paper

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Disentangling juxtacrine from paracrine signalling in dynamic tissue.

Journal article

Momiji H. et al, (2019), PLoS Comput Biol, 15

Cell-Specific Loss of SNAP25 from Cortical Projection Neurons Allows Normal Development but Causes Subsequent Neurodegeneration.

Journal article

Hoerder-Suabedissen A. et al, (2019), Cereb Cortex, 29, 2148 - 2159

Ultrastructural Changes Within the Pituitary Associated with Reproductive Timing in a Hibernating Mammal

Conference paper

Duncan CM. et al, (2019), INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY, 59, E305 - E305

Phenotypic dissection of the mouse Ren1d knockout by complementation with human renin.

Journal article

Buckley C. et al, (2018), J Biol Chem, 293, 1151 - 1162



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Zebrafish mesonephric renin cells are functionally conserved and comprise two distinct morphological populations.

Journal article

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Human kidney pericytes produce renin.

Journal article

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An essential cell-autonomous role for hepcidin in cardiac iron homeostasis.

Journal article

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Gene Expression in Mouse Thyrotrope Adenoma: Transcription Elongation Factor Stimulates Proliferation.

Journal article

Gergics P. et al, (2016), Endocrinology, 157, 3631 - 3646

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