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A Semi-automated and Scalable 3D Spheroid Assay to Study Neuroblast Migration.

Journal article

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Galectin-3 diminishes Wnt signaling in the postnatal subventricular zone.

Journal article

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Galectin-3 modulates postnatal subventricular zone gliogenesis.

Journal article

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The A30P α-synuclein mutation decreases subventricular zone proliferation.

Journal article

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The role of inflammation in subventricular zone cancer.

Journal article

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Rapid and efficient differentiation of functional motor neurons from human iPSC for neural injury modelling.

Journal article

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High-Resolution Patterned Cellular Constructs by Droplet-Based 3D Printing.

Journal article

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Calretinin interneuron density in the caudate nucleus is lower in autism spectrum disorder.

Journal article

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Cuprizone demyelination induces a unique inflammatory response in the subventricular zone.

Journal article

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