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Dissection-independent production of Plasmodium sporozoites from whole mosquitoes.

Journal article

Blight J. et al, (2021), Life Sci Alliance, 4

Voices: Insulin and beyond

Journal article

Roth J. et al, (2021), Cell Metabolism, 33, 692 - 699

Metabolic regulation of insulin secretion in health and disease

Journal article

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New insights into KATP channel gene mutations and neonatal diabetes mellitus.

Journal article

Pipatpolkai T. et al, (2020), Nat Rev Endocrinol, 16, 378 - 393

Phenotype of a transient neonatal diabetes point mutation (SUR1-R1183W) in mice.

Journal article

Sachse G. et al, (2020), Wellcome Open Res, 5

Phenotype of a transient neonatal diabetes point mutation (SUR1-R1183W) in mice

Journal article

Sachse G. et al, (2020), Wellcome Open Research, 5, 1 - 17

Tamoxifen administration in pregnant mice can be deleterious to both mother and embryo.

Journal article

Ved N. et al, (2019), Lab Anim, 53, 630 - 633

Diabetes causes marked inhibition of mitochondrial metabolism in pancreatic β-cells.

Journal article

Haythorne E. et al, (2019), Nat Commun, 10

Correction to: Q&A: insulin secretion and type 2 diabetes: why do β-cells fail?

Journal article

Cantley J. and Ashcroft FM., (2019), BMC Biol, 17

Hyperglycaemia adversely affects mitochondrial function in pancreatic islets

Conference paper

Haythorne E. et al, (2019), DIABETIC MEDICINE, 36, 37 - 37

Dysregulation of Glucagon Secretion by Hyperglycemia-Induced Sodium-Dependent Reduction of ATP Production.

Journal article

Knudsen JG. et al, (2019), Cell Metab, 29, 430 - 442.e4

Increased NEFA levels reduce blood Mg2+ in hypertriacylglycerolaemic states via direct binding of NEFA to Mg2.

Journal article

Kurstjens S. et al, (2019), Diabetologia, 62, 311 - 321

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