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BMP signaling inhibition in Drosophila secondary cells remodels the seminal proteome and self and rival ejaculate functions

Journal article

Hopkins BR. et al, (2019), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116, 24719 - 24728

The Drosophila Accessory Gland as a Model for Prostate Cancer and Other Pathologies.

Journal article

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Amino Acid Sensing by mTORC1: Intracellular Transporters Mark the Spot.

Journal article

Goberdhan DCI. et al, (2016), Cell Metab, 23, 580 - 589

Amino Acid Sensing by mTORC1: intracellular Transporters Mark the Spot

Journal article

Goberdhan DCI. et al, (2016), Cell Metabolism

Exosomal miRNAs as cancer biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Journal article

Thind A. and Wilson C., (2016), J Extracell Vesicles, 5


Conference paper

Stevens D. et al, (2015), JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, 193, E677 - E677

BMP-regulated exosomes from Drosophila male reproductive glands reprogram female behavior.

Journal article

Corrigan L. et al, (2014), J Cell Biol, 206, 671 - 688

Bone morphogenetic protein- and mating-dependent secretory cell growth and migration in the Drosophila accessory gland.

Journal article

Leiblich A. et al, (2012), Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 109, 19292 - 19297

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