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In search of common developmental and evolutionary origin of the claustrum and subplate.

Journal article

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Conference paper

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Loss of Dmrt5 Affects the Formation of the Subplate and Early Corticogenesis.

Journal article

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A role for the cortex in sleep-wake regulation

Journal article

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New insights into the development of the human cerebral cortex.

Journal article

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Long-range projections from sparse populations of GABAergic neurons in murine subplate.

Journal article

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Cell-Specific Loss of SNAP25 from Cortical Projection Neurons Allows Normal Development but Causes Subsequent Neurodegeneration.

Journal article

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Subset of Cortical Layer 6b Neurons Selectively Innervates Higher Order Thalamic Nuclei in Mice.

Journal article

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A missense mutation in Katnal1 underlies behavioural, neurological and ciliary anomalies.

Journal article

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Neonatal Hypoxia Ischaemia: Mechanisms, Models, and Therapeutic Challenges.

Journal article

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Regional scattering of primate subplate.

Journal article

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