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MRI stereoscope: a miniature stereoscope for human neuroimaging.

Journal article

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GABAergic inhibition in the human visual cortex relates to eye dominance.

Journal article

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Correlated structure of neuronal firing in macaque visual cortex limits information for binocular depth discrimination.

Journal article

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Die neuronalen Signale, die Wahrnehmung verändern

Journal article

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Finding Mutual Interest Between Neuroscience and Aesthetics: A Brush with Reality?


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The ethical cost of doing nothing

Journal article

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The neural events that change perception

Journal article

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Editorial overview: The growing research networks of the physiology of vision

Journal article

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Intermediate level cortical areas and the multiple roles of area V4

Journal article

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Recognition for Vision.

Journal article

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Relating Eye Dominance to Neurochemistry in the Human Visual Cortex Using Ultra High Field 7-Tesla MR Spectroscopy

Conference paper

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Comparison of Neurochemical and BOLD Signal Contrast Response Functions in the Human Visual Cortex.

Journal article

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Normative cerebral cortical thickness for human visual areas

Journal article

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Neuro-aesthetics: Is it just Brains, Beauty and Babel?


PARKER AJ., (2019), Theories and Methods of Art History

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