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Re-weighting of Sound Localization Cues by Audiovisual Training

Journal article

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A dynamic network model of temporal receptive fields in primary auditory cortex.

Journal article

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Multisensory Processing in the Auditory Cortex


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Development, organization and plasticity of auditory circuits: Lessons from a cherished colleague.

Journal article

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A review of the effects of unilateral hearing loss on spatial hearing.

Journal article

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Contrast gain control in mouse auditory cortex.

Journal article

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Sensory cortex is optimised for prediction of future input

Journal article

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Sensory cortex is optimized for prediction of future input.

Journal article

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Recent advances in understanding the auditory cortex.

Journal article

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Thalamic input to auditory cortex is locally heterogeneous but globally tonotopic.

Journal article

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A Role for Auditory Corticothalamic Feedback in the Perception of Complex Sounds.

Journal article

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Behavioural benefits of multisensory processing in ferrets.

Journal article

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