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We present a flexoelectro-optic liquid crystal (LC) analog phase modulator with >2π phase range at a 1 kHz switching frequency. The chiral nematic LC mixture consists of the bimesogen CBC7CB with chiral dopant R5011, aligned in the uniform lying helix mode. The mixture exhibits >±π/4 rotation of the optic axis for a drive voltage of ±21.5  V (E=±4.5  V μm-1). The rotation of the optic axis is converted into a phase modulation with the aid of a reflective device configuration incorporating a ∼5  μm LC cell, a polarizer, two quarter-wave plates, and a mirror. The residual amplitude modulation is found to be <23%. This flexoelectro-optic phase modulator combination has the potential to enable analog spatial light modulators with very fast frame rates suitable for a range of applications.

Original publication




Journal article


Opt Lett

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4362 - 4365