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Achromobacter spp. are emerging pathogens in the lungs of patients with cystic fibrosis. We report the case of an adult patient with cystic fibrosis and chronic A. xylosoxidans infection who experienced rapid, progressive clinical deterioration. Metagenomic analysis of the sputum revealed that the airway microbiota was almost entirely dominated by A. xylosoxidans. We review the impact of this organism on lung function and the airway microbiome in cystic fibrosis, and discuss the potential for cross-infection between patients.

Original publication




Journal article


Paediatr Respir Rev

Publication Date



20 Suppl


27 - 29


Achromobacter xylosoxidans, Cross-infection, Cystic fibrosis, Sputum microbiome, Achromobacter denitrificans, Adult, Anti-Bacterial Agents, Cross Infection, Cystic Fibrosis, Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections, Humans, Lung Transplantation, Male, Sputum