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The MEF2 proteins are involved in regulation of many muscle specific genes. Although MEF2 RNAs encoding the MEF2A and MEF2D isoforms are ubiquitously expressed, the presence of MEF2 proteins In nonmuscle cell types has been controversial. Here we use a well-characterised antibody in conjunction with DNA binding studies to provide evidence that members of the MEF2 family are widely expressed in the nuclei of cultured cells and are competent to bind DNA. The data show that non-muscle MEF2 complexes contain MEF2A, and that another MEF2 protein, probably MEF2D, is also present. These results suggest thatMEF2 proteins fulfil functions in addition to musclespecific gene expression. © 1995 Oxford University Press.

Original publication




Journal article


Nucleic Acids Research

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4267 - 4274