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The activity of single neurons (n = 182) of the central nucleus of the inferior colliculus (CIC) of the rat was recorded in response to unilateral electrical stimulation of the left cochlea and/or acoustical stimulation of the right ear. The probability of response to both modes of stimulation was comparable (90 per cent for contralateral and 60 per cent for ipsilateral presentation). Response patterns consisted predominantly of onset excitations. Response latencies to electrical stimuli ranged from 3 to 21 ms, with an average value of 9.7 ms (SD = 3.5 ms) in the ipsilateral CIC and 6.6 ms (SD = 3.4 ms) in the contralateral CIC. With respect to binaural inputs, the majority of units were excited by stimulation of either ear (EE; about 60 per cent) while about one third were influenced by one ear only (EO). Units excited by one ear and inhibited by the other (EI) were rare. The main difference between the present implanted rats and normal animals was the virtual absence here of inhibitory effects for both types of stimuli when they were delivered to the ipsilateral ear (very few EI units).

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Journal article



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202 - 227


Acoustic Stimulation, Animals, Cochlea, Electric Stimulation, Electrodes, Implanted, Evoked Potentials, Auditory, Brain Stem, Functional Laterality, Inferior Colliculi, Neurons, Rats