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Most insertional mutagenesis screens of Drosophila performed to date have not used target chromosomes that have been checked for their suitability for phenotypic screens for viable phenotypes. To address this, we have generated a selection of stocks carrying either isogenized second chromosomes or isogenized third chromosomes, in a genetic background derived from a Canton-S wild-type strain. We have tested these stocks for a range of behavioral and other viable phenotypes. As expected, most lines are statistically indistinguishable from Canton-S in most phenotypes tested. The lines generated are now being used as target chromosomes in mutagenesis screens, and the characterization reported here will facilitate their use in screens of these lines for behavioral and other viable phenotypes.

Original publication




Journal article


J Neurogenet

Publication Date





57 - 85


Anesthetics, Animals, Behavior, Animal, Benzaldehydes, Circadian Rhythm, Copulation, DNA Transposable Elements, Drosophila melanogaster, Female, Genetic Testing, Isochromosomes, Learning, Locomotion, Male, Mutation, Paralysis, Phenotype, Sexual Behavior, Animal, Wings, Animal