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The rapidly evolving field of immunometabolism explores how changes in local immune environments may affect key metabolic and cellular processes, including that of adipose tissue. Importantly, these changes may contribute to low-grade systemic inflammation. In turn, chronic low-grade inflammation affecting adipose tissue may exacerbate the outcome of metabolic diseases. Novel advances in our understanding of immunometabolic processes may critically lead to interventions to reduce disease severity and progression. An important example in this regard relates to obesity, which has a multifaceted effect on immunity, activating the proinflammatory pathways such as the inflammasome and disrupting cellular homeostasis. This multifaceted effect of obesity can be investigated through study of downstream conditions using cellular and systemic investigative techniques. To further explore this field, the National Institutes of Health P30 Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard, in partnership with Harvard Medical School, assembled experts to present at its 24th Annual Symposium entitled "Adiposity, Immunity, and Inflammation: Interrelationships in Health and Disease" on 7 June, 2023. This manuscript seeks to synthesize and present key findings from the symposium, highlighting new research and novel disease-specific advances in the field. Better understanding the interaction between metabolism and immunity offers promising preventative and treatment therapies for obesity-related immunometabolic diseases.

Original publication




Journal article


Am J Clin Nutr

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diet, immunity, immunometabolism, inflammation, obesity