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Molecular imaging techniques have rapidly progressed over recent decades providing unprecedented in vivo characterization of metabolic pathways and molecular biomarkers. Many of these new techniques have been successfully applied in the field of neuro-oncological imaging to probe tumor biology. Targeting specific signaling or metabolic pathways could help to address several unmet clinical needs that hamper the management of patients with brain tumors. This review aims to provide an overview of the recent advances in brain tumor imaging using molecular targeting with positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, as well as the role in patient management and possible therapeutic implications.

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Eur J Radiol

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Brain tumor, Glioma, MRI, Molecular imaging, PET, Theranostics, Brain Neoplasms, Humans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Molecular Targeted Therapy, Positron-Emission Tomography, Tomography, X-Ray Computed