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Welcome to Current Research in Neurobiology (CRNEUR), the gold open access, sibling journal to Current Opinion in Neurobiology, a journal for timely original research in neuroscience. At its very core, CRNEUR is a journal for creativity and innovation in science and publishing. As a journal, we ambitiously aim for CRNEUR to be a vehicle for what many of us envisioned an academic journal could be. Empowered by our commitment to fairness and transparency-to hold ourselves and others to a higher standard-here we describe our ambitions for innovation going forward. We need your help in this process and welcome your views via this survey ( and on social media (to start or join a discussion please use the hashtag #CRNEUR).

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Curr Res Neurobiol

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Discovery, Diversity, Equality, Experimentation, Inclusion, Innovation, Publishing, Research culture, Scientific advance