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In vivo gas transfer performance, during veno-venous bypass, is presented for one form of the Oxford membrane lung in which vortex mixing is induced in blood flow across a dimpled polypropylene membrane. Good agreement has been found with in vitro data presented in an earlier paper. Two experiments were extended to attain total extracorporeal CO2 removal with apnoeic diffusion oxygenation to motionless lungs. Measurements of arterial oxygen partial pressure during apnoea suggest that the time-constant for equilibration of alveolar nitrogen partial pressure with that on the gas side of the membrane lung is of the order of 100 min.

Original publication




Journal article


J Biomed Eng

Publication Date





36 - 42


Animals, Artificial Organs, Blood Flow Velocity, Carbon Dioxide, Cardiopulmonary Bypass, Dogs, Extracorporeal Circulation, In Vitro Techniques, Membranes, Artificial, Models, Biological, Oxygen, Partial Pressure, Plastics, Polypropylenes, Respiration, Artificial