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mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) is a highly conserved serine/threonine protein kinase that has roles in cell metabolism, cell growth and cell survival. Although it has been known for some years that mTOR acts as a hub for inputs from growth factors (in particular insulin and insulin-like growth factors), nutrients and cellular stresses, some of the mechanisms involved are still poorly understood. Recent work has implicated mTOR in a variety of important human pathologies, including cancer, Type 2 diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders, heightening interest and accelerating progress in dissecting out the control and functions of mTOR.

Original publication




Journal article


Biochem Soc Trans

Publication Date





213 - 216


Amino Acids, Disease, Humans, Organ Specificity, Protein Kinases, Signal Transduction, TOR Serine-Threonine Kinases, Transcription Factors