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current outreach opportunities

  • Outreach for Oxford University Licensing - Oxford Limited, who run the University’s brand licensing programme, have recently acquired some science products, which they are looking for researchers to review as well as add value for an educational perspective with additional scientific explanation. They have one telescope, two microscopes, and a planetarium. The work should not be too time-consuming and will be paid. If you are interested in helping out, then get in touch with Naomi Gibson, the Divisional Public Engagement Officer.
  • Hair Science - IF (formerly Oxfordshire Science Festival) are interesting in developing an event for their next festival, happening 11th – 22nd October 2018, in a hair salon, looking at things such as: genetics of hair types and colours; the chemistry of hair products / treatments (e.g. colouring, perming, straightening, shampoos, conditioners etc.) and what they do to hair; hair loss / conditions that lead to changes in hair growth. If you or any researchers you know work in this area and would be interested in getting involved, then get in touch with Naomi Gibson, the Divisional Public Engagement Officer.
  • Being Human Festival 2018Call for Applications for Being Human 2018 is now live. Although primarily a festival of humanities research, they are very interested in topics at the intersection between humanities and other subjects. This year the festival is running from 15th to 24th November and the theme is Origins and Endings.
  • in2Science UK -  Calling all PhD students, postdocs, PIs and technicians! in2ScienceUK is looking for researchers to get involved and host a disadvantaged Year 12 student for 1 to 2 weeks during the summer. Placements are simple to organise: you choose the dates and they select the student for you. To get an insight into the placement, read the experiences of students who were hosted in the MRC BNDU labs last year. If you think you might be interested, please contact Daniella Thibodeau.
  • Royal Society Westminster Pairing SchemeThe Royal Society has opened applications for its Pairing Scheme, which pairs researchers with UK parliamentarians and civil servants, to give both sides the opportunity to experience the other's world. This year's scheme will take place in Westminster from Sunday 25th to Thursday 29th November 2018. Professor Peter Magill, from the Oxford Brain Network Dynamics Unit, took part in the scheme last year and you read about his experience here. Applications are now open to scientists until Sunday 15th April 2018. Apply now.
  • IF Festival - The new IF Festival (formerly Oxfordshire Science Festival) will be taking place 11th - 22nd October this year. Call for expressions of interest and participation is now open, with a deadline of Monday 30th April 2018. The expression of interest form can be found on their website.
  • Pitt Rivers Museum (PRM) - Jozie Kettle (PRM Public Engagement with Research Officer) is keen to develop new collaborations with colleagues from across the University. If you have not worked with the Pitt Rivers before, now is the time to find out how they can support you. All disciplines welcome. 
  • Board Game Cafe - Sean Elias (NDM) has been awarded funding from the University's Public Engagement with Research Seed Fund to develop a series of Board Game Cafe events, where members of the public can come and play short, themed board games, each hosted by a different researcher who uses the game to highlight their academic research. If you are interested in joining the team please contact Sean Elias.

ongoing outreach opportunities

Within the University:

  • The Museum of Natural History - Get involved with exhibitions and regular events at the museum. Contact Carly Smith-Huggins for more information.
  • The Conversation - The University of Oxford is a member of The Conversation, an online source of thought-provoking articles written by researchers and academics for the public in the UK and globally. If you would like an opportunity to raise the profile of your research, or simply to improve your writing and public engagement skills, you can pitch articles to The Conversation.
  • TORCH - The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, offering opportunities for medical humanities interdisciplinary collaborations. Contact Victoria McGuinness for more information. 
  • Oxplore - An innovative new digital outreach portal from the University that aims to engage 11-18 year olds with debates and ideas that go beyond what is covered in school. As an academic or researcher you can get involved by building new material for the website, but it is also a point of contact for outreach contributions, since they are already connected with lots of schools, particularly those in hard to reach areas.

Other events and activities: