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Subject to permission, this is our gallery of student presenters from 6 November 2019. More may be added at a later date. Special thanks to Colin Beesley for the photographs

Andrew Shelton.jpg

Andrew Shelton

Auguste Vadisiute.jpg

Auguste Vadisiute

Filippo Ghezzi.jpg

Filippo Ghezzi

Giacomo Bertuzzi.jpg

Giacomo Bertuzzi

Gurpreet Bharj.jpg

Gurpreet Bharj

Javier Gilbert-Jaramillo.jpg

Javier Gilbert-Jaramillo

Konstantions Klaourakis.jpg

Konstantinos Klaourakis

Larissa Goli.jpg

Larissa Goli

Linus Milinski.jpg

Linus Milinski


Louise Zolkiewski

Lucija Fleisinger.jpg

Lucija Fleisinger

Maria Claudia Caiazza.jpg

Maria Claudia Caiazza

Nicholas Norwitz.jpg

Nicholas Norwitz

Hans Olof Rorsman.jpg

Olof Rorsman

Paola Vargas.jpg

Paola Vargas Gutierrez

Quyen B Do.jpg

Quyen Do

Raffaele Sarnataro.jpg

Raffaele Sarnataro

Rishi Anand.jpg

Rishi Anand

Stefania Vietti-Michelina.jpg

Stefania Vietti-Michelina


Ujang Purnama

Yige Huang.jpg

Yige Huang

Zeinab Ali.jpg

 Zeinab Ali