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Photo of Tammie Bishop

We are delighted to announce that Associate Professor Tammie Bishop will be joining us in a new role as Associate Professor of Cellular and Integrative Physiology, together with fellowship at Trinity College, Oxford. Tammie will join us in October. Tammie comes to us from the Nuffield Department of Medicine. 

Tammie’s research interests are in understanding the signalling responses underlying rapid responses to low oxygen (hypoxia) and their interplay with hypoxia pathway tumours. Tammie leads an Oxford University/Crick collaborative team which has recently been awarded a £2.5m Wellcome Discovery Award to research new mechanisms that allow cells to respond quickly to low oxygen levels.

‘I am incredibly excited to join the vibrant research community at DPAG, where early pioneers into altitude research including John Scott Haldane and Mabel FitzGerald belonged. It is a natural home for our future work spanning molecular, cellular and integrative physiology to investigate new horizons into hypoxia signalling’.

Head of Department David Paterson comments, 'We are delighted to welcome Tammie to the Department. Oxygen sensing and signalling has a long distinguished history in the Department. It is pleasing to see this legacy of discovery will be advanced by Tammie and her team.'