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On Friday 7 July 2023, DPAG, Biochemistry and Kavli INsD came together for the second Sherrington Road Street Party to enjoy paella, ice cream, street food snacks, Pimms, and garden games in University Parks. Enjoy some photographs of the event here.

Aerial shot of the Street Party 2023

Aerial shot showing some suppliers at the Street party 2023

Street Party 2023 shot of the Sherrington Building entrance

Street Party 2023 balloons

Ivan Douglas, Emma Hodgkins and Eleanor Gill at the Street Party

Diego Bueno Montoya and Gary Mort at the Street Party

DPAG researchers at the Street Party

Fernando Messore, Mary McMenamin, Mona Barkat, Jemima Becker and Samuel Snowdon at the Street Party

Fernando Messore, Zoltán Molnár, Mona Barkat, Jemima Becker and Samuel Snowdon at the Street Party

Masahiro Tsuji and Zoltán Molnár at the Street Party

Vladyslav Vyazovskiy, Zoltán Molnár, and Armin Lak at the Street Party

Zoltán Molnár and David Paterson at the Street Party

With many thanks to Professor Zoltán Molnár and Colin Beesley for the photographs.