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Two images showing Nigel Shadbolt and David Ron receiving certificates having delivered prize lectures.

As we head towards the end of this term, we have had a packed and varied schedule of lectures here at DPAG. These include the latest iterations of two important Prize lectures, the Charles Sherrington Prize Lecture and the John Scott Haldane Prize Lecture. We host several lecture series in honour of prominent scientists who have been associated with DPAG. They are an opportunity to celebrate the history of DPAG, the lives of such significant scientists, and to ensure that we preserve the legacy that they have left behind.

Members of the department were pleased to attend a fascinating Sherrington Prize Lecture, given by influential computer scientist Sir Nigel Shadbolt (Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Principal of Jesus College, Oxford). His talk, 'Standing on the Edge of Error: Science in the age of AI' was followed by a drinks reception. In the picture above (Top) Sir Nigel (centre) stands with Head of Department David Paterson (left) and Professor Paul Riley (right). 

This was followed a week later by the John Scott Haldane Prize Lecture, this year delivered by Professor David Ron, who is Professor of Cellular Pathophysiology and Clinical Biochemistry at Cambridge Institute for Medical Research. He is pictured above (bottom photo) accepting his framed certificate and medal from Director of Graduate Studies Vladyslav Vyazovskiy (left) and Head of Department David Paterson (right). Professor Ron’s lecture, 'Regulation of protein synthesis and proteostasis by the Integrated Stress Response’ was also followed by a drinks reception and was attended by members of The Physiological Society, who were promoting Physiology Week 2023 (pictured below).