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DPAG welcomed artist Patrick Hughes back to an unveiling event and reception

On Thursday 19 October our latest piece of art was unveiled, a piece which now hangs in the Sherrington Building foyer. The artist Patrick Hughes was present to unveil his new work, 'Shoulders to stand on' and stayed for a drinks reception hosted by Head of Department David Paterson.

Come and take a look at the painting, which, like other works by Hughes is a dynamic piece that changes as you look at it from different directions. Hughes is the creator of 'reverspective', an optical illusion on a 3D painted surface where the parts of the picture that seem farthest away are actually physically the nearest.

Hughes has said of this style, "Everything becomes contradictory. A movement to the left is a movement to the right and a movement down is a movement up. It’s made in perspective the wrong way round. The nearest parts are furthest away and the furthest parts are nearest."

Head of Department David Paterson commented, “The Department is grateful to be the custodian of Patrick’s latest artwork ‘Shoulders to Stand On’, which reflects the science legacy of this department and its future.  We hope it will inspire the next generation as we continue to build knowledge".