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Head of Department Professor David Paterson has recently received two honorary awards.

He has been made an Honorary Fellow of The Physiological Society. Honorary Fellowship is the highest honour that The Physiological Society presents to an individual and it recognises persons of distinction in science who have contributed to the advancement of physiology.

Professor David Attwell FRS, President of The Society said, ‘This year’s Honorary Fellows represent the true breadth and diversity of the discipline. It is a pleasure to recognise their unique achievements and contributions to the physiological sciences.’  You can read The Physiological Society's article in full here

David comments, 'It is a great honour to be recognised by the Society, and join this group of distinguished Fellows.'

The Fellowship appointments will be celebrated at the 2023 Member Forum, which will be held at The Royal Society on 1 December 2023

Later next month he will also receive an Honorary degree from the University of Western Australia.  The Honorary Doctor of the University (Medical Sciences) is in recognition of his outstanding contribution to medical science. In the citation for this honour, University Chancellor the Hon. Robert French writes, ‘You are an Alumnus of this University of which it can be proud. I hope you will be able to accept this award as a mark of our appreciation and recognition of your achievements.’

David says, 'The University of Western Australia (UWA) launched my academic career to Oxford as a Hackett scholar so I could complete my DPhil in the University Laboratory of Physiology in the 1980’s. I owe them a great debt of gratitude for that scholarship, and to receive an honorary degree from them is one of the highlights of my career.'