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Jessica Moretti

We are happy to welcome Dr Jessica Moretti, who has received a Royal Society Newton International Fellowship at the University of Oxford. Jessica completed her PhD earlier this year at The University of Western Australia and The Perron Institute for Neurological and Translational Science in Perth, Australia. She will be based at DPAG working with Associate Professor Armin Lak and his team.

Jessica says, “My project focuses on understanding how multiple brain regions interact and coordinate their activity to enable learning and decision making. This work aims to provide fundamental insights into how neural circuits process information and initiate learning to turn random actions into learned behaviours.

 “It's wonderful to have the funding and support from the Royal Society to focus on this research for the next three years.

“The project itself involves a combination of many advanced neuroscience techniques which I’m excited to learn. I’m also looking forward to joining the DPAG at Oxford University and working with the researchers. The department has a great reputation and leads interesting and diverse research. I’m looking forward to working in a stimulating environment for my postdoc.”