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a photo showing all the DPAG volunteers who took part on the day
The photo shows (Top, LtoR) Sharmila, Sarah, Hugo, Tomoko and Evgenia (Bottom LtoR) Sharmila, Hadas, Liliana, Christophe and Andia

On Saturday 3 February a team from DPAG ran a successful hands-on event as part of the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar.

More than 100 children, with parents and caregivers enjoyed a variety of activities on the theme of ‘Exploring Our Senses’ at the Bazaar last Saturday. The activities were devised and delivered by DPAG’s Outreach and Public Engagement Working Group (OPEWG) and volunteers, representing groups from across the DPAG community.

The hands-on event was a huge success with children queuing to join the fun and learn more through a variety of activities, including optical illusions, mirror drawing, creating a ‘brain hat’, mystery boxes and scents and a quiz.

Liliana Som (Graduate student) says, 'Volunteering at the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar was an incredibly rewarding experience. I was thrilled to be part of such an engaging event that fosters curiosity and excitement about science among young minds. Seeing the enthusiasm and joy on the faces of attendees as they explored interactive exhibits and learned new concepts reaffirmed my passion for science education and community involvement.”

Hadas E. Sloin, (Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Randy Bruno Group) said "Science outreach is very important to me, and I was happy for the opportunity to do it as part of the DPAG team. It was exciting and uplifting to see so many kids (and not a few parents) excited about the brain!" and Sharmila Rajendran, (Clinical Anatomist) commented, “Wow, that event was so much fun! I had an absolute blast interacting with the kids and seeing how curious and enthusiastic they were.”

The DPAG team included Sharmila Rajendran, Evgenia Ntaouka, Hugo Ribeiro Fernandes, Andia Redpath, Sarah Sigal, Liliana Som (Grad Student), Tomoko Watanabe, Christophe Ravaud and Hadas Sloin. Thank you to everyone that helped with the preparation for this event including Colin Beesley, Ivan Douglas, Hann Simm and Kiri Walden.