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Congratulations are in order for Wellcome Trust doctoral student Cristina Blanco Duque, the winner of the Travel Award and the Award for Best Contribution at the International Conference of Advanced Sleep Modulation Technologies.

Photo credit: ETH Zurich and Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF)

Graduate student Cristina Blanco Duque from the Vyazovskiy Group has been awarded two prizes at the International Conference of Advanced Sleep Modulation Technologies. The conference, organised by ETH Zurich and Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF), took place in Ascona, Switzerland from Sunday 27 October - Wednesday 30 October. The theme was Impact on research, health, and society.

CSF_PrizeCristinaDuque.jpgCristina received both the Travel Award and the Award for Best Contribution for her presentation comprising of a talk and poster entitled Spindle quality: a measure of spatio-temporal synchrony within cortical networks.

Sleep is a crucial factor for wellbeing and healthy development, although it remains unclear which sleep-​related biological mechanisms underlie its positive effects on health and performance, and how these interactions can improve health and productivity. The conference aimed to address this question by assembling internationally renowned scientists and industry representatives from a wide range of disciplines.

The full programme can be found here.

Cristina is featured on the CSF's award gallery here.

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