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On Saturday 10th March the Butt and the Kohl research groups took part in Super Science Saturday, an outreach event organised by the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Their stall "The beginning of the brain" illustrated how the brain and its functions evolved across the animal kingdom. The members of the two groups showcased several mammalian brains, including a rat, a guinea pig and a capuchin monkey borrowed from the Museum's collection, encouraging visitors to compare them, looking for differences and similarities with the human brain models provided. Moreover, they invited visitors to record the electrical activity in their muscles and learn how the brain communicates with the body to trigger movements.

With hundreds of children and grown-ups dropping by their stall, asking questions and being excited about neuroscience, the event was a big success!

Visit their websites to learn more about the research going on in the Butt and Kohl groups.

To see more photos from the event, click here.