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A photo of some members of the teaching team, smiling on a sunny day
Photo shows from left to right: Jean-Luc Duval, Lachlan Arthur (back row),May Sallam (front row), Sammy Breen (BR), Bobby White (FR), Amber Foley (BR), Rumyana Smilevska (FR), Sharmila Rajendran, Arun Somanathan, Samuel Snowdon, Kiara Delis Santos

Congratulations to five members of our Anatomy Teaching team who have been awarded Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA): Mia Prosser, May Sallam, Lachlan Arthur, Rumyana Smilevska, Sharmila Saran Rajendran. 

The University's Advanced Teaching and Learning Scheme and Teaching Recognition Scheme, run by the Centre for Teaching and Learning was created to ensure all members of the university who teach, or support learning have the opportunity to develop their practice and be recognised for this work whatever their role. This year, all five members of the team who applied were successful and we have more members taking part in the course this year to help them get accreditation.

Demonstrators are eligible to apply for the FHEA professional accreditation alongside gaining hands-on experience of teaching undergraduate anatomy students as part of their demonstratorships with the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics.

Dr Mia Prosser, who received associate fellow added, ‘Applying for associate fellowship was a great opportunity to expand upon my practical experience in teaching. I was able to academically justify my methods and get recognition for developing myself as a teacher!’

Dr May Sallam, who received Fellow of the HEA this year added, ‘Applying for the Higher Education Academy Fellowship was very valuable and rich experience. It has deepened my teaching reflections and helped me articulate my teaching philosophy. It also encouraged me to seek innovative teaching methods, positively impacting both my approach and students learning.

The Teaching Recognition Scheme (TRS) provided me with a well-organized structured approach to attain my Fellowship. Attending the course sessions and the one-to-one meetings ensured that I could navigate the application process effectively. The TRS comprehensive approach not only played a pivotal role in obtaining my Fellowship but also motivated me to explore new teaching methods, driving my commitment to becoming a more effective educator.’

Samuel Snowdon who is supervisor to the anatomy demonstrator team added, ‘Congratulations to all those who were successful in their application for Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. The course will have significantly improved their skillset in order to deliver the high quality-teaching to undergraduate medics, biomedical science and graduate-entry medics and enhanced their employability.’

 Associate Professor Helen Christian, Deputy Head of Department and Director of Teaching and Education and Associate Head of Division for Education added, ‘Great results which reflect the commitment within the anatomy team to embed educational excellence in department culture.’

Congratulations to the following:

Associate Fellow:

Lachlan Arthur, current DPhil student in Musculoskeletal Sciences and Anatomy Demonstrator

Mia Prosser, a previous anatomy demonstrator who is now practising as a Surgical trainee in Sheffield


May Sallam - A postdoctoral Research Assistant in Stem Cell Biology and Anatomy Demonstrator

Rumyana Smilevska - Clinical Anatomist

Sharmila Rajendran - Clinical Anatomist