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Professor Shankar Srinivas and hip-hop artist Aubz discuss human developmental biology on 'Made the Same Way', a new podcast series from HDBI, Reform Radio and The Gurdon Institute.

Podcast series 'Made the Same Way' brings scientists together with young emerging artists to discuss human development from fertilisation to birth and explore the big questions about what makes us human. 

In the final episode of the series released on Friday 31 March 2023, hip-hop artist Aubz meets Professor Shankar Srinivas to discuss all the topics covered over the course of series to answer the pressing question: "What is human developmental biology and why is it important?" Throughout the episode, Aubz and Professor Shankar Srinivas collaborate to write and record an original piece of music inspired by their meeting to explore science in a new way.

Listen to "A human egg looks nothing like a human" on Spotify for Podcasters.

This is not the first time Professor Srinivas has used music to raise awareness about the body. In Spring 2022, his "Shaping Destiny" team engaged with hip hop dance group Body Politic and the charity Parasol Project to co-create movement pieces inspired by physiological and humanities research on dynamic biology. These movement pieces were digitised in collaboration with Andromeda Software Development and the Alexander Whitley Dance Company to create an interactive and immersive virtual reality experience that was launched at IF Oxford 2022.

"Shaping Destiny" is a public engagement project led by Professor Shankar Srinivas and Dr Tomoko Watanabe in collaboration with Professor Wes Williams, Director of TORCH to raise awareness of the biology underpinning our form, and the different perceptions of form.