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current funding opportunities

  • Heritage Seed Fund (internal) - new grant scheme for Oxford Researchers to support research, knowledge exchange and public engagement with research projects with UK and/or international heritage organisations. The first closing date for applications is Monday 28 January. Find out more and apply here.

  • Knowledge Exchange Seed Fun (internal) - provides support for innovate knowledge exchange ideas, which can include some Public Engagement with Research activities.The first closing date for applications is Monday 28 January. Find out more here.

  • STFC Leadership Fellows in Public Engagement 2019 - the scheme can support individuals from early career to established career who can demonstrate outstanding personal qualities relative to their level of experience and a passion for public engagement. The closing date for applications is Monday 21 February. Find out more here.

  • Royal Society of Biology - Outreach and Engagement grants 2019 - the RSB is offering grants of up to £500 for members to run biology events and activities during 2019. Find out more and apply here. 

  • 'Curiosity' from the Wellcome Trust - provides funding for organisations who want to run exciting and engaging science activities aimed at disadvantaged children and young people. The closing date for application is Friday 12 April. Find out more and apply here.


Oxford University IT Innovation Challenges: Calls for Ideas (internal)

Welcoming your ideas for innovative digital projects that meet one of the three challenges:

  • SUMMER OF INNOVATION (student): Do you have an idea for something that could be a digital project? Would you like to be paid to work on this over the summer, supported by professional developers and others who can help you realise your idea? If so, join the Summer of Innovation!
  • GLAM LABS (staff and students): Do you have ideas for digital projects that add value to the user experience of the collections, spaces, or programmes of the University of Oxford's Gardens, Libraries, and Museums (GLAM)? Then apply for funding of up to £15K and work closely with a GLAM institution to realise your project idea (open to students and staff).
  • IT INNOVATION CHALLENGES (staff): innovative digital projects that bring benefit to the University (funding up to £40K per project).

Submit your idea on the new Oxford Ideas platform! The deadline for these is Monday 4 February 2019

ongoing funding opportunities

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