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CURRENT funding opportunities

  • Enriching Engagement Round 2 - This grants programme is open to Wellcome grant holders and awardees at Oxford, to develop and deliver public engagement with research projects. Applicants can apply for a Small Award (£10k - £40k) or a Large Award (£50k - £100k). The Closing Date has been extended to 11 June 2020.  Apply here.
  • Biochemical Society's Scientific Outreach Grants - This scheme supports the development of public engagement activities that communicate the excitement of molecular bioscience to young people and the community with sums of up to £1000. In light of the current situation, the Biochemical Society will be awarding the totality of its 2020 Scientific Outreach Grants during the September run of this scheme, thus extending the current application deadline to 24 September 2020 (in place of running two separate rounds of applications in April 2020 and September 2020).  Apply here.

ongoing funding opportunities

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