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  • Domingos Group

    12 July 2018

    We investigate neuroimmune molecular mechanisms underlying obesity.

  • Vogels Group

    10 July 2016

    Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience

  • Vyazovskiy Group

    16 December 2013

    Sleep, brain and behaviour laboratory

  • Davies Group

    10 July 2016

    Molecular Analysis of Neuromuscular Diseases

  • Herring Group

    22 January 2015

    Local neuromodulators of cardiac autonomic control

  • Ma Group

    19 January 2016

    The aim of our work is to determine the cellular mechanisms underlying the benefits of traditional multi-herbal Chinese medicines.

  • Threlfell Group

    8 April 2014

    Exploring mechanisms underlying dopamine neuron vulnerability in Parkinson's disease

  • Cantley Group

    10 July 2016

    Beta cell function, obesity and type 2 diabetes

  • Mommersteeg Group

    3 July 2014

    Heart regeneration & development

  • Molnar Group

    10 July 2016

    Cerebral Cortical Development and Evolution

  • Metabolism & Endocrinology

    16 January 2018

    We use the full range of modern molecular genetic and imaging techniques to study a range of metabolic areas.

  • Cardiac Sciences

    26 April 2018

    We are recognised internationally for our pioneering approaches to systems biology and to computational modelling of the heart.

  • Functional Genomics

    16 January 2018

    We play a leading role in the development of more efficient and cost-effective sequencing technologies.

  • Neuroscience

    16 January 2018

    We host a number of internationally recognised neuroscience groups, with expertise in a wide range of experimental and computational methods.

  • Cell Physiology

    16 January 2018

    We study everything from the structure of ion channels and transporters right up to their role in behaviour and human disease.

  • Development & Cell Biology

    16 January 2018

    We dissect the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying a range of developmental and reproductive processes.