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  • Dorrington Group

    10 July 2016

    Human physiology: the pulmonary circulation, age, iron, and exercise

  • El Andaloussi Group

    16 September 2013

    Development of delivery vectors for therapeutic nucleic acids and proteins

  • Ellory Group

    10 July 2016

    Alterations in membrane transport in response to environment and disease

  • Evans Group

    10 July 2016

    Role of triacylglycerol-rich lipoproteins in substrate supply and metabolic signalling

  • Glitsch Group

    2 April 2014

    Proton dependence of intracellular calcium signalling in the cerebellum in health and disease - role of extracellular pH sensing receptors and ion channels.

  • Goberdhan Group

    10 July 2016

    Growth Regulation and Cancer: mTORC1, Exosomes and Cellular Amino Acid Sensing

  • Goodwin Group

    10 July 2016

    Genetic Dissection of Sexual Behaviour

  • Heather Group

    10 July 2016

    Abnormal metabolism in type 2 diabetes, and how this affects the heart

  • King Group

    10 July 2016

    Neural coding and plasticity in the auditory system

  • Krug Group

    10 July 2016

    Visual Perception and Decision-Making