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In 2019, we created working groups with representation from across DPAG to define and deliver key actions to improve our departmental culture, along with identifying and enhancing opportunities for career progression, training and development, and outreach.

If you are a member of the DPAG community and wish to join one of the working groups or networks, please contact

Anti-Racism Working Group

This group was convened in January 2021 to promote active anti-racism in DPAG and improve the diversity of staff and students.  Group members are volunteers with an interest in promoting race equality.

Internal members can view more information on the Anti-Racism Working Group intranet page (SSO required).

Data Monitoring Working Group

This working group comprises ex-officio members with specific responsibility for departmental data, including Director of Graduate Studies, HR Manager, Research Administrator and EDI Officer.  The group was first set up in 2019 and its purpose it to capture and review data on a regular basis to identify trends, anomalies and data gaps.

Internal members can view more information on the Data Monitoring Working Group intranet page (SSO required).

Departmental Culture Working Group

The remit of this working group is to consider ways to improve departmental culture so that staff and students feel that they are welcome and valued in DPAG.  The group first met in 2019 and comprises voluntary members from all groups within the DPAG community.

Internal members can view more information on the Departmental Culture Working Group intranet page (SSO required).


The Graduate Student community within the Department is an open and creative space, which welcomes all graduate students. Graduate Student representatives sit on various committees, including the EDI Committee. Read more about the Student Reps and Student Peer Supporters.


This is a very informal support network for staff and students that self-identify as LGBTQ+.  Group members are only known to each other and are introduced via the EDI Officer.  Membership remains anonymous to the rest of the department.

Postdoctoral Society

Run by and for Postdocs, the Postdoctoral Society aims to promote interactions between postdocs to create a friendly network of skills and expertise and to welcome new postdocs to the Department. Members of the society sit on a variety of departmental committees, including the EDI Committee. Read more about the Society.


This working group aims to monitor the training and development requirements of all DPAG staff and students and identify suitable courses and other resources to meet those needs.  They also support career development from induction to working outside of academia. The group is made up of volunteer representatives from all DPAG groups.

Internal members can view more information on the Training and Career Development Working Group intranet page (SSO required).