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department away day

All members of the Department are welcome to the annual DPAG Away Day at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History for a day of talks and presentations, and lunch on the Museum's spectacular gallery over-looking the marvel that is the dinosaur skeletons. 

The Away Day is a perfect setting to celebrate our joint successes, from across the Department, as well as to bring our community together with a shared purpose and the promotion of inclusivity.  

away day 2017 

The inaugural Away Day in July 2017 was a huge success and positively received. You can view more pictures from the event here.

Away Day 1.jpg

away day 2018

We are currently organising the 2nd Away Day to take place in July 2018, incorporating feedback suggestions from last year to make it an even more successful event. Refreshment breaks will be longer than last year, and there will be more representation from graduate students, post docs, and support staff. Presentations will include plans for the future, Pint of Science, and two minutes theses from graduate students.

Current members of the Department are encouraged to look out for email invitations and updates.


garden party 

All members of the Department and their families are invited to the annual Garden Party at Merton College. The Garden Party is a chance to build a sense of togetherness within the Department and a perfect opportunity to network in a relaxed setting. 

Garden party 2017

Last year, following the events of the Away Day, we gathered (under a marquee!) at Merton College to socialise and network with bubbly and strawberries and cream. You can view more pictures from the event here.


away day 2018 

This year we again intend to gather at Merton College for the DPAG Garden Party, following the 2nd Away Day, but this time hopefully with some more sunshine! 

Current members of the Department are encouraged to look out for email invitations and updates.



Every year, senior female scientists and female scientists at an earlier stage in their career, come together for the Women's Dinner, to socialise and mix with other women in the Department. The dinner particularly provides the opportunity for junior female scientists to receive guidance from more senior female researchers on career progression, what it is like to be a woman in science, and all round life advice!



What is the key to success for women who work in science? A new website delves into the experiences of successful women in science at the University of Oxford, through a collection of video narratives.

Funded by the Vice Chancellor’s Diversity Fund at Oxford University, the interviews with 39 successful women tell an inspiring story of an ongoing culture shift for women working in science, where according to those interviewed, discrimination is rarely experienced and the work is fun, interesting and exciting.

The researchers used a thematic analysis to identify and write about the variety of issues important to the women who were interviewed, which included obtaining funding, career progression, mentorship, and taking parental leave.

Find out more: – An inspirational journey of women’s experiences in science

39 Women in Science share their stories, collated on the new website.



Find out more about the latest Athena Swan events going on in the Department here.



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