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the current athena swan committee

Helen Christian Louise Cotterell Victoria Bullett
Professor Helen Christian Ms Louise Cotterell Ms Victoria Bullett
Athena Swan Academic Lead Athena Swan Co-ordinator PA to HoD, Committee Secretary
Kyung Chan (Kc) Park Tania Boyt david.jpg
Mr Kyung Park Ms Tania Boyt Professor David Paterson
Graduate Student Head of Administration and Finance Head of Department
Sarah De Val Sophia Bell stephcragg.png

Professor Sarah De Val

Ms Sophia Bell Professor Stephanie Cragg
BHF Senior Fellow HR Advisor Professor of Neuroscience
Alberto Lazari copy2_of_seannightingale.png deborahgpberdhan.jpg
Mr Alberto Lazari Mr Sean Nightingale Professor Deborah Goberdhan
Graduate Student Computer Operations & System Manager Associate Professor of Cell Signalling
natalie.jpg Katherine Mcneil korneelhens.jpg
Dr Natalie Connor-Robson Miss Katherine McNeil Dr Korneel Hens
Postdoc Research Scientist PA to Prof Paul Riley Group Leader
Mark Richards
Dr Mark Richards
Postdoctoral Research Scientist Communications Officer Postdoctoral Research Scientist



Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics Athena SWAN Silver Application

Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics Athena SWAN Bronze Application

action plans

Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics Athena SWAN Silver Action Plan

Department of Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics Athena SWAN Bronze Action Plan


previous members of our Self-Assessment Teams (SATs)

  • Kay Davies
  • Anant Parekh
  • Julia Allen 
  • Laura Corrigan
  • John Deller
  • Clara Ferreira 
  • Maike Glitsch 
  • Kristine Krug 
  • Kevin Liu
  • Mary McMenamin
  • Peter Robbins 
  • Jan Schnupp 
  • Damian Tyler 
  • Victoria M Bajo Lorenzana 
  • Vicky Bullett 
  • Carolyn Carr 
  • Carina Gandy 
  • Louise Hill 
  • Tim Vogels
  • Sally Collins
  • Eduard Willms
  • Sofia Stenler
  • Anne Wolfes
  • Matthew French



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