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Research groups

Grants and Fellowships

  • Post-doctroal Fellowship from The Uehara Memorial Foundation, 2018
  • Kato Memorial Bioscience Foundation, 2017
  • Research Fellowship for Young Scientists DC2 from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Apr. 2014 – Mar. 2016
  • Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from JSPS Apr. 2014–Mar. 2016
  • The Naito Foundation Subsidy for Dispatch of Young Researchers Abroad, Nov. 2013
  • Sasakawa Scientific Research Grant from The Japan Science Society, Apr. 2011 – Mar. 2012


Best Lecture Award: Laser Florence 2013, Florence, ITALY

Best Poster Award: Congress of Asia-Pac Assoc of Laser Medicine&Surgery 2012, Taipei,TAIWAN

Yumi Fukuzaki

Ph.D, M.Eng, B.Eng

Uehara Memorial Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

I was awarded a Uehara Memorial Foundation Fellow to visit Professor Zoltán Molnár’s group for a year. My current research interest is elucidation of the role of the subplate in neuroprotection and plasticity via activity-dependent secretory mechanism. I am interested in the recovery from neonatal cortical hypoxia-ischemia and adult stroke; especially I investigate neuronal viability, glial proliferation/activation (Astrocyte and NG2 glia) and interneuron migration in vivo and in vitro.


I held a JSPS (DC2) Research Fellowship for the doctoral course in Soka University at Tokyo in Japan.  I completed my Ph.D. under the supervision of Professor Shinichi Kogure and Professor Hideki Derek Kawai in Sep 2015. I continued my research as a JSPS (PD) Post-doctral fellow until March 2016 and as a Research Associate until November 2017.  I studied the cortical recovery mechanisms after middle cerebral artery occlusion in mouse model. In particular, I tested the effect of enriched environment and cortical delivery of activity dependent proteins in recovery. Subsequently I worked at the Department of Neurophysiology and Neural Repair in Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine, Gunma, Japan as a Researcher of Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration under the supervision of Professor Hirokazu Hirai and Dr. Nobutake Hosoi. I joined Professor Zoltán Molnár’s group in December 2018 as a Uehara Memorial Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow. 

Proliferating NG2 cells in adult cortex