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Yayoi Teramoto Kimura

Postgraduate Student

I started my DPhil in 2015 co-supervised by Dr. Simon Butt and Dr. Tim Vogels. I am interested in the relationship between connectivity, plasticity and the emergent dynamics of neural circuits during their time of maturation. Specifically, I am using computational models to try and understand the mechanisms underlying the construction and breakdown of a transient translaminar circuit that was recently described in the Butt Group. This circuit involving L5b interneurons and L4 spiny stellate cells exists only in the first postnatal week, and I am interested in understanding the plasticity mechanisms that drive these drastic changes in the network connectivity. 

I grew up in Mexico City, Mexico, and before coming to Oxford I did my undergraduate studies at Princeton University. At Princeton I designed my own major in Quantitative Neuroscience and did my senior thesis co-supervised by Professor Asif Ghazanfar and Professor Philip Holmes.