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Vani Rajendran

Postgraduate Student

Whether it's conversing with a friend or dancing along to music, the brain is constantly detecting patterns in time and exploiting them to create meaning from sound. I combine electrophysiological recordings with human behavioural experiments to investigate how timing affects the neural representation of sound, and how this shapes what we consciously hear. My particular interest is in understanding rhythm and beat perception in music, though I am also interested in general pattern detection and auditory scene analysis.
I completed undergraduate degrees in Bioengineering and in Economics at Rice University in Houston, Texas. My interest in neuroscience arose while working as a technician with Matthieu Louis (CRG, Barcelona) and Vivek Jayaraman (Janelia Farm, USA) studying sensory-guided decision making in fruit flies. The Wellcome Trust Doctoral Studentship brought me to Oxford where I joined the Auditory Neuroscience Group with Andy King and Jan Schnupp.
I also play the clarinet in a number of ensembles in Oxford. Recently, I have become involved with a software project called Methodicate, which aims to improve research reproducibility by automatically tracking versions of code, data, results, and the relationships between them throughout the process of exploring data.

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